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What is Partnership Funding?

In May 2011, the Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) introduced a new policy, 'Flood and Coastal Erosion Resilience Partnership Funding', better known as `Partnership Funding`. The policy describes a new approach to the funding of projects to reduce flood and coastal erosion risk. This new approach requires the project costs to be shared between national and local funding sources. Government funding is only available for projects for which the qualifying benefits outweigh the costs.

Partnership Funding is a new way of thinking and relatively new policy but it isn't a new concept. The Environment Agency, Risk Management Authorities and others have been working in partnership and jointly funding projects for years.

In early 2013 the Environment Agency led a workshop, attended by EACG members, to share partnership funding information, to highlight common funding issues or challenges and to agree how practitioners could be best supported. One practical idea, supported by all, was the development of a toolkit, in the form of an information pack. The aim was to bring together partnership funding information, best practice, lessons learnt, case studies and to signpost the user to a wider range of relevant information.

A toolkit has been developed on behalf of the East Anglian Coastal Group (EACG) to support practitioners and community leaders who are taking forward partnership funding approaches for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) projects.


What is in the ToolKit

The toolkit contains a series of useful information sheets and case studies, and signposts the user to more details about partnership funding.

Whilst initiated by the EACG it can be built on by others and updated as and when required. This website will contain the most up to date copies of the toolkit


Further Information

You can download a range of documents with more information about Partnership Funding:

In addition, there the following documents showing how Partnership Funding has worked on various projects:

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